Other Fine Jewelry

Skull rings are just the tip of Tony Creed's fine custom jewelry iceberg. Whether it's custom silver or custom gold, wedding sets, rings, bracelets,  pendants, chains, charms, medallions, whatever your desire, if "TC" accepts your order, complete satisfaction, and an heirloom as opposed to the mass produced trinkets that fill jewelry store shelves, is the goal. Please enjoy your visit.

000 Custom Engraving.JPG
Custom Engraving
001. Silver Skull Medallion.JPG
Silver Skull Medallion
002. Custom Wedding Bands.jpg
Custom Wedding Bands
003. Custom Silver Heart Pendant.JPG
Custom Silver Heart Pendant
004. Custom Cobra Earrings.jpg
Custom Cobra Earrings
006. Gold Magic Cross Necklace.jpg
Gold Magic Cross Necklace
06. Lucky Snake Ring w Opal.jpg
Lucky Snake Ring w Opal
007. Custom Silver Chain.JPG
Custom Silver Chain
008. Lucky 13 Skull Pendant.jpg
Lucky 13 Skull Pendant
009. Custom .925 Skull Dog Tag.jpg
Custom .925 Skull Dog Tag
010. Custom Gold Wedding Set.jpg
Custom Gold Wedding Set
011. Magic Egg Cross Pendant.jpg
Magic Egg Cross Pendant
012. Fleur-de-lis Earrings.JPG
Fleur-de-lis Earrings
013. Custom Initial Ring.jpg
Custom Initial Ring
014. Large Silver Skull Medaiilon.JPG
Large Silver Skull Medaiilon
015. Custom Celtic Wedding Rings.jpg
Custom Celtic Wedding Rings
016. Custom Silver Wallet Chain.jpg
Custom Silver Wallet Chain
017. Custom Star with Cross Pendant.jpg
Custom Star with Cross Pendant
018, Day OF The Dead Skull Medallion.JPG
Day OF The Dead Skull Medallion
019. Silver Fleur di Lis Cross.jpg
Silver Fleur di Lis Cross
020. Custom Silver Sun Ring.jpg
Custom Silver Sun Ring
021.Silver Solo Heart Pendant.jpg
Silver Solo Heart Pendant
022. Large Detailed Magic HoopHoop.JPG
Large Detailed Magic HoopHoop
023. Custom Skull Dog Tag.JPG
Custom Skull Dog Tag
024, Ziggy Dome Ring.JPG
Ziggy Dome Ring
025. Custom Silver Chain.jpg
Custom Silver Chain
026. Custom Snake Ring.jpg
Custom Snake Ring
027. Brosnan Knot Celtic Band.JPG
Brosnan Knot Celtic Band
029. Customized Zippo Lighter.jpg
Customized Zippo Lighter
030. Gold Talisman Hoop.jpg
Gold Talisman Hoop
031. Ball Peen Pendant.JPG
Ball Peen Pendant
032. Custom Celtic Band.JPG
Custom Celtic Band
32. Magic Cross With Ruby.JPG
Magic Cross With Ruby
033. Custom Wedding Ring Set.JPG
Custom Wedding Ring Set
034. Custom Silver Pimp Chain.jpg
Custom Silver Pimp Chain
038. Custom Skull Medalion.jpg
Custom Skull Medalion
035. Custom Virility God Pendant.jpg
Custom Virility God Pendant
036. Custom Dogtown Skull Pendant.JPG
Custom Dogtown Skull Pendant
037. Custom Silver Hearts Band.jpg
Custom Silver Hearts Band
043. Perfect Woman Ring Top (Ruby).jpg
Perfect Woman Ring Top (Ruby)
039. Custom Cross Pendant.jpg
Custom Cross Pendant
041. Custom Cross Dog Tag.JPG
Custom Cross Dog Tag
042. Custom Perfect Woman Ring.jpg
Custom Perfect Woman Ring
047. Extreem Bling Diamond Ring.JPG
Extreem Bling Diamond Ring
044. Old School Wallet Chain (Vintage).JPG
Old School Wallet Chain (Vintage)
045. Home Boyz LTD. Ring.jpg
Home Boyz LTD. Ring
046. Iron Cross Wrench Pendant.JPG
Iron Cross Wrench Pendant
052. Custom Silver Hoop.JPG
Custom Silver Hoop
048. Lucky 13 Skull Medallion.JPG
Lucky 13 Skull Medallion
049. Big Pimpin Necklace.jpg
Big Pimpin Necklace
051. Custom Silver Heart Ring.JPG
Custom Silver Heart Ring
056. Custom Pirate Hooker Bunny.JPG
Custom Pirate Hooker Bunny
053. Custom Silver Wave Band.jpg
Custom Silver Wave Band
054.Smiling  Skull Pendant Ruby Eyes.JPG
Smiling Skull Pendant Ruby Eyes
055. Night Watchman Link Wallet Chain.JPG
Night Watchman Link Wallet Chain
060. Custom Iron Cross Necklace.jpg
Custom Iron Cross Necklace
057. Billy Duffy'_s Wedding Band.JPG
Billy Duffy'_s Wedding Band
058. Custom Celtic Band.JPG
Custom Celtic Band
059. SIlver Pendants..JPG
SIlver Pendants.
064. Skull Medallon With Bolt.jpg
Skull Medallon With Bolt
62. Custom Silver Elements Band.JPG
Custom Silver Elements Band
061. Custom Cross Ring.JPG
Custom Cross Ring
063. Silver Elements Band Other View..JPG
Silver Elements Band Other View.
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